Welcome to Unit 425 in Anchorage, Alaska

The Anchorage Bridge Center is a member owned club. There is a bridge game every day of the week, many days more than once. We have open games daily, novice games on Tuesday evenings, and Intermediate games on Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons. We have a standing Swiss teams game on Saturday evenings. If you are an advanced player you may attend the novice and intermediate games, but will just not be eligible to receive master points. If you wish to learn more about the Municipality of Anchorage go to the Anchorage Convention and Visitor's Bureau website. Hope to see you soon!
If you have suggestions for the website email us at the Anchorage Bridge Center.
The Anchorage Bridge Center expects all participants to comply with the ACBL Zero Tolerance Policy.

We are looking for a new Club Manager. Kathie has decided to retire. If you or someone you know is interest let a board member know. The Club Manager does not need to be a bridge player but it does help to understand some things about the game. Look forward to hearing from you.

Termination Dust Sectional September 23 through 27, 2015.

Businesses and Organizations that have to contributed to our Regional:
Major Marine Tours
TBA Theatre, Inc.

Our playing schedule:

Day Time Type Director Need a Partner?
Directors may not be as listed because of conflicts.  
Sunday 1 PM Open Hoehne 248-5054 (Kathie)
Monday 7 PM Open Scott 344-9906 (Wonnie)
Tuesday Noon Open Scott 344-9906 (Wonnie)
6 PM Lesson Keyes
6:45 PM 199'er Keyes 333-4380 (Don)
Wednesday 7 PM Open Scott 344-9906 (Wonnie)
Thursday Noon Open Centoni 345-0869 (Kathy)
6:00 PM Lesson Doty
6:45 ish PM 399'er Sappah 262-0699 (Terry)
Friday Noon Open Centoni 345-0869 (Kathy)
Saturday 7 PM Open Swiss Schmahl 258-0494 (Dennis)